Community FAQ

Q: How do I get the Podcast’s Bonus Episodes?

Join our patreon! The bonus episodes will be posted on Patreon, or, Patreon’s RSS feed will surface them to you at your location of choice. Bonus content is reserved for Maester and Small Council folks-- Patreon will know your tier and will surface accordingly :)

Q: I don’t understand how RSS feeds work

You are not alone. Patreon has a really helpful article on how to set them up.

Q: How do I Join the Coolest Place on the Intern-- I mean, The Storm Slack?

Join our Patreon at any level! Once you sign up, we’ll send an invite email to the address you have on file with Patreon.

Q: OK, I’m in Slack. Where can/should I talk about _____?

Imagine this is a big ‘ole house party, and each channel is a different room. You might not visit them all, or come in in the middle of a discussion, but it's all good. Pop in and out at will! Look in the #channel-directory for what each room is buzzing about.

Q: I’ve never seen Lost. How can you promise I won’t get spoiled?

First of all, congrats on staying unspoiled for this long. Secondly, we will do our darnedest to keep your innocence intact. On the podcast, we split our “regular” and “spoiler” content into two distinct sections: The Calm and the Storm. We’ll always give a big warning before going into the Storm section. If you’re in the Slack, stick to #the-calm for spoiler free talk, but beware, #the-storm is dark and full of spoilers.

Q: What do I do if I see something problematic on the Slack?

You can anonymously submit a concern about something to our moderator team via this Google Form:

Q: I never got my Slack Invite. Help!

Your Slack invite will be sent to the same email you gave to Patreon. You should get it within a few hours of signing up, but occasionally it can take a little longer. Be sure to check your spam, as well. If it’s been more than a day, you can email us at We’ll get ‘cha in :)

Q: How do I Join the Secret Movie Club?

This is available to Small Council members only. Once you join the Small Council, you’ll receive an email invitation on how to join, OR, if you’re already in the Slack, you’ll be invited into the secret channels.

Q: My name got mispronounced on the podcast - how do I get that corrected?

EEP- sorry! Please direct message @Diana_SoS in the Slack with the correct pronunciation, and she’ll update that for the hosts. You can also email us (but Slack is faster).

Q: Why isn’t everything free? ATTICA ATTICA

The main episode will always be free. The bonus content…well, like you, we gotta eat. Until there’s a government grant for progressive, black-humored pop culture podcasts, this is how we get that magic paper that one can exchange for food. Thank you for sending us some of your magic paper. We know you work hard for it, too.

Q: What if I have a question that isn’t on here?

Feel free to ask a friend in the Slack community (we have little birds everywhere), or email us at

Q: I like you guys!